Amino K 1L


AMINO K HIGH SEQUESTERED NUTRIENT (N)1.0 (P)7.0 (K)18.5 Benefit: Encourages strong root growth and water nutrient uptake. Is a complete flowering enhancer containing a rich sourch of potassium and natural plant growth hormones. Helps prevent fungal diseases in all ornamental and fruit producing plants while reduces attacks of sucking insects like spidermites, Aphids, Thrips. Stimulation is acheived through frequent applications of small dosages of AMINO K. Foliar appilcation will assist in achieving maximum flower production. Features: AMINO K is a natural complex complete plant food containing free Amino Acids and Polypeptides. Product contains Liquid Silica for added protection. Small but vital. Eliminates transplant shock to Nitrogen sensitive plants. Stimulates immediate root growth. Advantage: AMINO K the smart nutrient mixture of amino acids to allow your plants to feed more voraciously than ever. AMINO K Increase the plant’s immune system to fight against disease and insect attack. AMINO K WORKS WITHIN 30 MINUTES OF APPLICATION. Weekly in soil or as foliar. AMINO K provides additional energy for the plants by providing all the necessary Potassium(K), Amino Acids, Vitamins,Phosphorus(P) with necessary sugars, starches and carbohydrates. AMINO K is most beneficial during times of inclimete weather, low light intensity and cold short days where low nitrogen level with high phosphate and potassium is required for optimum plant stimulation and growth. AMINO K WILL ENSURE YOUR PLANTS ACHIEVE GROWTH AND HEALTH WHILE GIVING YOU PEACE OF MIND THAT WILL SATISFY ALL YOUR GARDENING REQUIREMENTS


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