Pro grow Model s led light New Model Evo


Pro grow model s led light EVO Led

The new PRO GROW 630 W EVO LED increases output to1760 µmol/s PPF and 2.8 µmol/J. At its core is the addition of the new Samsung LM301H EVO Mint White diode. The phosphor coated EVO diode shifts the blue peak from 450 nm to 435 nm. This moves part of the spectrum from red to blue which increases the overall white diode efficacy. This shorter wavelength plant-centric spectrum promotes higher physical and qualitative growth than normal white LEDs or combinations of blue & red LEDs. Plants grown under this plant-centric spectrum have bigger and thicker leaves and higher levels of nutrients.The addition of 20% Mint White EVO diodes into the previous mix increases yields by up to 5%.The increased blue will improve suppression of microbial growth and increase terpene production. Give your plants a photon pump with the new PRO GROW 630 W EVO Enhanced Model S LED.